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Singer Christina Wood, one half of the UK electronic pop duo Kaleida, has ventured off as a solo artist with her side project Vesper Wood. Kaleida are best known for their track “Think” off of their debut album of the same name Think (2015), which was featured in the 2014 action film “John Wick” (starring Keanu Reeves). Vesper Wood shows the other side of Wood’s musical interest, with indie-folk music that allows listeners to appreciate her ethereal voice. Instar, the debut EP, was released on March 1st, 2019 and was produced by Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, Aldous Harding, Soccer Mommy, Jenny Hval).

As a personal album signifying healing, the title itself also has a deeper meaning. ‘Instar’ means ‘a phase between two periods of moulting’ – the shedding of feathers or skin to allow for something new, changing and morphing to welcome the next phase. The album is fueled by her experiences with fertility and reproductive health, as well as her frustration at the lack of support and awareness surrounding women’s health.

Of her personal experiences and Instar, Woods says, “Maybe there’s a healing presence to the album. A protective spirit. Over the past year I was working through a lot of personal things – fertility problems and issues with my reproductive system – and making this really helped me to process it all. There’s a lot in here about being a woman and women’s health. It’s important to me that we have the ability to talk about it. And maybe there’s a healing feminine spirit to it.”

The album indeed feels personal, somber, even grieving, but yet with a sense of healing through both Wood’s voice and lyrics. It feels like a reflective piece of music one can listen to while going through difficult moments in life. Although Wood’s is based in the UK, this is just as relevant for women living in the United States, where we find ourselves fighting a system in order to regain our reproductive rights. As a woman, and as a lover of emotive/cathartic music, I really appreciate Vesper Wood’s EP Instar; we need more strong women shedding light on the experiences and trauma we encounter on an everyday basis. Though, this album is also for anyone, of any identity, who cares to listen to the experience of women through music. Check out what other publications are saying about Vesper Wood, and click the links below to follow her!

“Hymnal and catchy, the album gives Wood the chance to broach topics weighing heavily on the minds of women everywhere” – BlackBook
“The piece is an unadorned exploration of Christina Wood‘s vocal power….The music appeals to fans of Björk, Jarboe, and Myrkur with plenty of darkness tempered with light.” – PopMatters
“entrancing…enchanting vocals draw you in…” – Indie Shuffle


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