Such A Mess Talk ‘Greetings From’ EP

Los Angeles based pop-punk band Such A Mess have recently released a 7” spilt with Pennsylvania based Post Season through Common Ground Records. Titled Greetings From, the record is a nostalgic one, bringing back the pop-punk sound of the early 2000’s. Such A Mess released their lead single “Tether” with Substream Magazine stating, “the band draws from modern pop-punk like the Wonder Years or Man Overboard but has expanded their sound…to include inklings of the emo revival” while Post Season recently placed at the top of Buzzfeed‘s “Five Unsigned Pop Punk Bands That You Should Be Listening To in 2015.” We had the chance to chat with Such A Mess regarding their EP, their inspirations and future goals to release a full length album.


TSL: Post Season is from Pennsylvania and Such A Mess is  from California, you guys are on opposite ends of the country, so how did this collaboration for the EP come about?

Such A Mess: We’ve known Post Season through the touring circuit for over a year. The coast-to-coast split EP made a lot of sense. We wanted to promote our music to their friends and fans on the east coast, as they wanted to do with us on the west. It was all too convenient.


TSL: Both of you guys seem to bring the good old pop-punk sound of the early 2000’s, what bands from the era would you say have inspired you?

Such A Mess: “Commit This To Memory” and “Even If This Kills Me” by Motion City Soundtrack, Every Bayside record, “Futures” by Jimmy Eat World, among many others, are some of our biggest writing influences.


TSL: What would you guys say influenced you to pursue a career in music?

Such A Mess: When I was in high school, a working-class touring band from Nebraska by the name of The JV Allstars came through California. I think I was about 15 or 16, and I booked them in my hometown and housed them. Making friends with them taught me a lot about the DIY touring band scene, that basically anyone with the will to do so could make a record and hit the road. That inspired me to do the same!


TSL: Coming from very different places in America, I imagine you guys were surrounded by different music scenes, can you tell us about what scenes you were surrounded by growing up?

Such A Mess: The west coast scene is currently dominated by The Story So Far. Before them, the modern pop punk scene was spearheaded in the latter part of the last decade by west coasters This Time Next Year and Set Your Goals. All of those bands definitely influenced us in starting our band.


TSL: What message are you guys each trying to get across with this EP?

Such A Mess: We just want to write and release the best possible music we can write. We hope that these 2 songs accomplished that.


TSL: Are there future plans for a full length album from each band?

Such A Mess: A full length is definitely down the pipeline!


TSL: Are you guys currently touring?

Such A Mess: We actually just got home from our first US tour. More to come! Definitely keep an eye out on our various social media pages for future tour plans.


TSL: Where can we find more information on the bands latest projects?

Such A Mess: Definitely keep up with our Instagram page, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We do all of our promotion on social media.


We thank Such A Mess for taking their time to speak to us and hope that you all take a minute to check out both Such A Mess and Post Season!

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Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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