Nashville’s Artist Carmen Canedo has released two new singles during this quarantine off her up-and-coming album Know It All (out June 6th via Oof Records).

The singles, “Vectors” and “How Can I Know You” have an uncanny resemblance upon the first listen. Canedo’s way of words pulls the listener into an intimate, deep conversation that submerges the exchange into the depths of flowing waters outlining the feeling of reminiscence. It is like venturing out into the unknown head-fast without even the slightest clue of direction.

On the new album, Canedo states:

“I started writing the record about two years ago and a lot of it was before I went to college. It’s about being scared about the future, but also excited, and then, you know, I got to college, and realize that actually I miss home. So then it centered around the onset of nostalgia, nervousness, heartbreak, and being vulnerable and letting someone know how you feel — experiencing first loves. There’s a lot about caring about people and places; a lot about how we hold on to how much things mean to you even when they’re no longer in your life.”

Despite a vivid background in both the Nashville and DC music scenes, Carmen’s music dares to step away from norms of society; her talent is timeless and unmatched. Canedo is a fearless outlier among countless bedroom pop albums by facing the vulnerability of one’s emotions. Listen to “Vectors” and “How Can I Know You” below: