London’s Pink Cigar to Come to NYC

‘’Championing 70s Grime through a young voice. Louche but spiky, with a smoky troubadour edge and sassy grooves which suggests warmer sophistication. Dirty Stuff.’’- C​lassic Rock Magazine

London’s very own Pink Cigar will be making their trip over to the states, stopping by New York City for a string of 5 shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (Gussy’s Bar). The band has a devoted following overseas and has even earned the support of legends such as Mick Jones (The Clash), now looking to expand their music in the U.S. Made up of singer Whiplash Jackson, guitarist Edd Whyte, bassist Sam Rutland and drummer Sid Mayall, all of whom embody a fiery persona bringing over the English rebellious charm that made so many punk rock acts of the ’70s legendary. It’s easy to see where their inspiration comes from as Pink Cigar has cited Iggy and The Stooges, The Clash and Aerosmith as influences on their music. Not to mention their live performances bring you back to the mid ’70s punk rock era with hints of ’80s rock glamour and a modern twist. The band’s latest single “Generation Next” has been catching the attention of popular publishing outlets such as Classic Rock Magazine, foreshadowing what could become a very successful future for the band. These London boys will be making their way to the states in November and December, so make sure to stop by at one of them to see the wild craziness that is Pink Cigar.

November 28th – Sidewalk New York

November 29th – Otto’s, New York

December 1st – Beast of Bourbon, New York

December 4th – Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn

December 5th – Gussy’s Bar, Queens

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Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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