Moon Tooth Announces “Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections”

Long Island rockers Moon Tooth have announced the upcoming release of Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections which will be out July 31st via Pure Noise Records. The EP is comprised of four songs from the band’s critically-acclaimed 2019 release CRUX, which was chosen by Rolling Stone as one of their Top 50 Albums of 2019.


“Time is the only thing with a chance of washing grief away. It’s a process that can be ugly, violent and in most cases not brief,” shares John Carbone (vocals) on the meaning behind the EP title. “In order to let time do it’s work properly, a person must recognize the difference between the violence that’s necessary and the violence that’s clung to. At some point, grief is a choice. When time’s done it’s job, it’s up to us to put the hurt down.”

Fans can get a taste of what’s to come from the forthcoming EP with the release of “Awe at All Angles.” On the single, Carbone shares,

“Awe At All Angles” is about breaking away from something you feel trapped by; a relationship, a job, an unhealthy pattern of behavior, etc. It’s about not bowing down to other’s expectations but living up to your own by staying true to your free spirit. Especially in the face of people or situations that encourage you to ignore that free spirit.”

Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections is available to pre-order today at

Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections Track Listing

  1. Trust (Acoustic)
  2. Awe At All Angles (Acoustic)
  3. Six of Swords (Acoustic)
  4. Motionless in Sky (Acoustic)
  5. Through Ash (Acoustic)


Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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