Pete Repeat Releases Album “Time Ruins Everything”

The Los Angeles’ new post-punk band Pete Repeat has released their eagerly awaited debut album, “Time Ruins Everything” via WITHYN Records. Formed by punk rock aficionado Oren Cohen as a vessel for frustration during the pandemic, Pete Repeat creates timeless post-punk that recalls the classic music of bands like Joy Division, Gang of Four and The Pixies with an added dose of angst and energy. 

Commenting on the record Cohen says: 

This group of songs really digs into human isolation. We’ve strayed so far from our natural biological order. This lack of connection to our animal essence only deepens the divide between psyche and soul. Time Ruins Everything is my scrapbook of emotional trauma and triumph. It explores our collective lack of connection and how hungry we are to feel wanted and loved.

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Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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