Senses Fail lead vocalist, Buddy Nielsen, has begun his own podcast called The Sound Of Change. With over 20 years’ experience as a professional musician, Buddy will be sitting down to speak with other prominent artists, actors, athletes, and music industry professionals to uncover the personal stories they associate with the albums and songs that formed soundtracks to those pivotal eras in their lives. Buddy hopes to use the nostalgic power of music to explore the moments that mean the most to his guests.

“I’m excited to put out into the world meaningful conversation about music and growth,” he says. For so many of us, music is a soundtrack to the changes in our life and documenting and conversing about those moments brings about an infinite number of stories and experiences. Through the pandemic I have been able to see very many people and experience the togetherness of conversation, in a small way this is my attempt to retain connections with my friends and peers.”

You can listen to the first four episodes below: