Voïvod’s “Hypercube Sessions” began last August with a live set from RadicArt studios, the studio where Voivod recorded their Juno award winning album The Wake, and continues with Voïvod’s “Hypercube Session 2”, where the band will be performing Nothingface for the first time ever on May 30th.

The date also coincides with Michel “Away” Langevin’s Birthday! “Hypercube Session 3” will feature the classic Dimension Hatröss album and will stream on June 27th.
Both shows will be available for 48 hours after the initial broadcast. Don’t miss these unique performances by one of metal’s most acclaimed and innovative bands! The exclusive event will include an afterparty live chat with the band hosted by Vox and Hops.

Ticket options for each session are available for purchase below: 

Purchase “Hypercube Session 2” feat. Nothingface here: https://thepointofsale.com/tickets/artscast-voivod-livestream-nothingface

Purchase “Hypercube Session 3” feat. Dimension Hatross here: https://thepointofsale.com/tickets/artscast-voivod-livestream-dimensions-hatross

Purchase “Hypercube Session 2” and “Hypercube Session 3” bundle here: https://thepointofsale.com/tickets/artscast-voivod-livestream-nothingface-dimensions-hatross