Album Review: Fuming Mouth – “Last Day of Sun”

One of the most successful acts to come out of the new renaissance wave of Death Metal is Fuming Mouth. Formed out of Milford, Massachusetts, Fuming Mouth is Mark Whelan, Patrick Merson, Andrew Budwey, and James Davis. The band adds a new layer to the modern era of death metal with heavy hints of punk and progressive metal, which are on full display in their latest “Last Day of Sun.” 

The modern wave of Death Metal has burst out with talent from left to right across the United States, with each band adding something new and different to the ever growing genre. Fuming Mouth’s contribution to the genre can be heard and appreciated on “Last Day of Sun.”

Notable Songs:

Track 1 – Songs like “Out of Time” kick off with heavy punk inspired drums and fast guitar riffs.

Track 3 – “The Silence Beyond Life” cleans up and gives us a throwback to early 00s hard rock. 

Track 4 – “The Sign of Pain” gives guitar solos the full spotlight. 

Track 8 – “Kill The Disease” further grounds the band in crust punk roots. 

Track 9 – “Last Day of Sun” the self-titled track gives hints of dark progressive metal, alá Katatonia. 

Track 11 – “Burial Practices” bring back the album around to doom metal. 

Track 12 – “Postfigurement” ends the album with layered vocals, bringing in yet another dimension to the death metal. 

In the midst of such a fast growing genre, it is difficult to stand apart, yet Fuming Mouth’s diverse array of sounds and influences played as eloquently as it is on “Last Day of Sun” is one of the reasons for the band’s rapid success. If you have yet to listen to Fuming Mouth, “Last Day of Sun” is a proper introduction to one of the most dynamic bands in this fast growing genre. 

Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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