Album Review: The Earth And I “The Candleman”

Heavy guitars, enchanting vocals and haunting melodies. The Earth and I arrives to the progressive metal scene with serious talent and originality that needs to be heard. Out of Warwick, NY, The Earth and I currently stands as Daniel Siew on guitar, Suss Mackenzie on drums, Nick Petromilli on bass, Liam Zintz-Kunkel on guitar and Kendyle Paige with Daniel Tompkins on vocals. The young band released the first of two sister LP’s, The Candleman, on November 3rd, 2017.


Upon hearing The Candleman, I was incredibly surprised by not only the catchy melodies that fill the background, but by the power of Kendyle Paige’s voice. Not typically heard in progressive metal, Paige’s voice brings versatility to the genre. Ranging from pop, to jazzy, to downright gritty— at times, even reminiscent to that of blues singers. Tompkins’ screaming vocals perfectly harmonize with Paige’s high power. Below is a track by track commentary on the album, follow along while hearing their album:


  1. The Lake Under The Dessert: What sounds like a vinyl being placed, the LP begins with a soft but haunting guitar melody slowly ascending in volume. When it begins to freeze, it pauses and the real track begins to play.
  2. CGMTC (Life In The Sunset Zone): Paige’s thick but melodic voice quickly captures the listener and makes it hard not to want to sing along. Her clean vocals play perfectly along with Tompkins growl-like vocals, harmonizing alongside the chaotic guitars in the background. Unfolding like a story, the song continues until a climax and a soft descend.
  3. Little Frames: For a second, it sounds like a continuation of the previous track, until it is realized that the melody is slightly different. More focused on the lyrical content, it is realized that a story is being built on.
  4. And Now for a Slight Departure: As the title suggests, a complete parting from the previous two tracks, we begin to hear the versatility The Earth and I has to offer. A more pop oriented sound vocally, and softer tuned, jazzy and groovy background with the background melodies.
  5. Sugar High: Kendyle Paige’s voice continues to be impressive, with a silky beginning and a crescendo with guitar melodies.
  6. The Hollow Deluge: The piano here is beautiful. Paige’s voice perfectly complements both the piano and acoustic guitar. Lyrically, the angst of heartbreak reflects upon the intensity of the song.
  7. Skies Like Fences: Back around to their progressive chords and Tompkins’ growls give the track a quick rush of energy from the previous two songs. It’s jazzy breakdown solidifies the bands jazz roots and influences.


An eclectic mix of influences, sounds and voices makes The Earth and I one of the best bands to emerge from the Northeast. Their leading female voice sets them apart from the rest of the progressive metal genre and their musical composition will impress new listeners. Take a listen to The Candleman below:



Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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