The Poynt embody all that made 90s band’s special and memorable. With catchy guitar melodies, soft male vocals, and an ethereal effect that magnifies their sound all together. Made up of members Anthony Nicholas, Adhnan Sulaiman, Dominick Vasaturo and Eduardo Alarcon, The Poynt brings something special and nostalgic to the NYC music scene.

Their latest EP titled Alpha Queue was released in March 2017 and displays the wide array of the band members’ influences. Some of our favorite tracks are as follows:


Track 1 – “This Dying World”
Probably my favorite track off the album. The best choice to start off, the beginning guitar melody just screams 90s. Eduardo’s voice draws a grungy sentiment and is one that’ll remain stuck in your head.

Track 3 – “Open Your Mouth”
Reminiscent of Foo Fighters’ “I’ll Stick Around” (just slowed down), this track continues to showcase the bands great love of the 90s.

Track 4 – “Back Home”
Another great melodic track showcasing Alarcon’s deeper vocals.

Track 5 – “Disguise Disfraz”
A lovely combination of two languages, in this track lead singer Alarcon shows off his abilities to let out his anger in both Spanish and English.


A throwback to grunge, and alternative/experimental rock, The Poynt will bring feel good nostalgia vibes from the 90s within an added cultural element.

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