Prior to legendary Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah’s set at The Paramount on Dec. 30, Long Island-based musician Doug G. charged up the crowd as he delivered a performance which commanded the audiences attention for the duration of his time on stage. With lyrical assistance from Eve Minor, and soaring beats supplied by Will Harris aka DJ Bill Childs, the trio blazed through a high-energy set which included tracks “The New Blood,” “Emotionless,” “Halfemptyhalffull,” “Heroin” (Eve Minor solo) and “Shadowwalk.”

Dark and melodic are two words which perfectly describe the soundscape for Doug G’s raps. His two most recent EP’s, “StraightDoom” and “Change Your Evil Ways,” clearly draw influence from punk roots, as the mix of live instruments on top of gritty rhymes showcase the profoundly haunting tone that defines his music. Additionally, no subject matter is untouched in his strong lyricism, as topics range from a personal standpoint of dealing with anxiety, to all-out-jams that are meant to be blasted in the car at full volume.   



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