The rock and metal world was left to mourn after the tragic death of Chester Bennington. Fans of Linkin Park were left to wonder what the future of the beloved pioneers of nu-metal holds. As fans mourned, so did Bennington’s musical partner, Mike Shinoda. The rapper has added the hip-hop touch to Linkin Park, an ingredient that made Linkin Park stand out amongst the numetal wave of the late 90s. Shinoda has had a very successful side project, Fort Minor, which produced one of the most recognizable and popular beats for fights, video games and film in the track “Remember the Name.”

Shinoda’s fan following has been huge, and came out for the much anticipated “Post Traumatic” album release show. The album was a form of therapy for Shinoda after the loss of Bennington and the tour became a celebration of his life. After a few songs off of his new record, Shinoda played piano and rapped his part of “In The End” while the audience sang Bennington’s part. The feeling in the venue was full of sadness, though the hundreds of voices in sync was a beautiful thing to watch and hear. Shinoda explained after the song that while the audience might have been feeling sad, which as he said was normal and okay, his Japanese culture celebrates death very much like Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. Therefore to him, he must celebrate the life if his friend Bennington.

Fans and fellow rappers in the crowd sang and rapped along to his lyrics which had only been out for a week before the show. The quick response from fans was telling of how much Shinoda’s fan base yearns for his stay in music. While Linkin Park’s future is unclear, it seems safe to say Shinoda will continue rapping and expanding with his side project Fort Minor. To listen to Post Traumatic, click here. To follow Mike Shinoda, click here.



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