The Kooks sell out Terminal 5

The Kooks performed to a sold out crowd last night at Terminal 5 (7/29). Special guests Clara-Nova opened up the show to a venue full of screaming fans eager to dance their night away. With a mixed sound of indie/dance/pop, Clara Nova made for a perfect opening act.

Lead singer Sydney Wayser showed love to the city saying “We’re so glad to be in New York City! This is the best city, we love it so much!” As soon as Clara Nova played their first song, the fans quickly noticed the voice register in Wayser, and praised it with loud cheers.

Once Clara Nova’s set was over, the fans waited impatiently for the band of the night to come on stage. When the music stopped and the lights went dim, the noise level in the room lifted to a volume I had never heard before. It was clear how much love NYC has for this band.

Lead singer Luke Pritchard, was in full energy throughout the whole set. Displaying a stage presence that is hard to turn away from and talent that continues to show through their music. The band played many hits such as “Seaside”, “Naive” and “She Moves In Her Own Way.” Songs that surely bring back memories and filled the venue with joy for the rest of the night.

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Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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