KOYO Unites Hardcore Fans in Brooklyn NYC

Long Island newcomers Koyo came through to Brooklyn Monarch for a welcoming NYC hardcore show. The newly independent venue has been hosting a ton of modern day hardcore and metal bands (full events calendar here), and this was surely to be another exciting, packed night. 

We got there in time before One Step Closer’s set ended, and the band was the perfect way to get the show going. Unfortunately we only caught 10 minutes of their set, yet, it was enough to say that they are exciting and a band to look out for! 

One of the most abrasive crowds I have ever seen came for Anxious, the third band on the tour. Fans were up on stage crowd surfing and even climbing up the metal bars to jump off them. The band from Connecticut is definitely another band to look out for.

Finally the headliners of the night, Koyo, took the stage. The fans were even more energetic and excited than before, climbing up on stage one after another. The melodic hardcore band out of Stony Brook has quickly gathered notoriety for their catchy emo inspired tunes. The large crowd that showed up for them is a testament to their success.

Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales founded The Sound Live in 2014, with the goal of highlighting underground talent. By creating a media platform, she aimed to expand accessibility to music journalist for up-and-coming writers and media creators. She completed her undergraduate degree at NYU and a dual masters at the University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to maintain The Sound Live as a DIY hub for everyday creatives.