Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Aeon And Tribulation At Webster Hall

Tribulation 1
The biggest death metal tour of the year arrived at The Grand Ballroom/Webster Hall this weekend (2/28), with heavy weights Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse headlining, and bands Aeon and Tribulation as support.

Swedish death metal band Tribulation came out with their mix of death and thrash metal, which results in catchy riffs and the infectious vocals of front man Johannes Andersson. While the band kept playing through their set, the venue continued to fill with fans arriving to witness the sold out event.

Aeon 1
Next up on the bill was AEON, another death metal band from Sweden who apart from having infectiously catchy guitar riffs, happens to also be extremely brutal. From the bands sound level, to front man Tommy Dahlstrom’s crushing vocals. The bands originality has been well received so much so that Cannibal Corpse’s Alex Webster has praised the band for their sound and lyrical content. The band warmed up the crowd just right for the insanity that was about to come.

Cannibal Corpse 2
Cannibal Corpse came out with what seemed to be the loudest band of the night, and perhaps the loudest band we’ve ever heard. We’re not alone when we say it could’ve made someone’s ears bleed. Not only was their sound level at a high, but so was the energy they brought out on stage. Known for their explicit lyrics and controversial image, it was no surprise they’d sound as brutal as we thought. Fans in the mosh pit went wild during “Hammer Smashed Face”, in which some of them ironically came out with bruised faces. No doubt, Cannibal Corpse brings an entirely different level of energy and brutality, something no other band can compare to.

Behemoth 11
Polish death metal band Behemoth was headlining for the night, and came out with an extravagant introduction to their set. The band members came out in leather drapes and face full of makeup. Lead singer Nergal came out with wooden sticks and fire in both hands, kneeling down as if in ritual. Fans erupted with excitement and continued the mosh pit with full on energy as soon as the band began playing. At one point, front man Nergal asked the audience “So how does it feel to be alive?!” to which the audience cheered with happiness before the band continue on with the set. Not a dull moment during the entire night and Nergals continuous connection with the audience made it memorable for everyone there. The frontman sure made everyone feel thankful for being alive and present for this once in a lifetime sold-out event.

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