Black Label Society At Starland Ballroom With Wino

Black Label Society‘s “Unblackened” Tour made it’s way to Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on April 6th. The opening act was the American Doom Rock Legend “Wino”, also known as the frontman and guitarist for bands such as Obsessed, and Saint Vitus. Scott “Wino” Weinrich has a unique style that is Sabbath inspired with a Doom/Stoner Rock sound. For three decades he has been delivering soulful music. His stage presence filled the room as he began to perform, and the tales of his many experiences through his music captivated the crowd. His original songs are something everyone can relate to on a certain level.  It was a great way to start the show and the audience loved his cover of Motorhead’s “Iron Horses.” He gave a stellar acoustic performance as the direct support for Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society.


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Black Label Society was formed in 1998 led by front man Zakk Wylde who began playing guitar at a young age and started his career before he hit 20. He sent a demo tape to Ozzy Osbourne and his career took off from there. He co-wrote and recorded several studio albums with the Ozzman including the multi platinum “No More Tears”, Ozzy’s biggest selling solo album.Black Label Society is the product of all the years of hard work delivering hard, heavy, rock music. In 2013 the band played an acoustic set at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA. It was a live taping for a CD/DVD “Unblackened”. Now, a couple of years later fans have a chance to see and hear the stripped down format and a softer side of Black Label Society on this tour.Fans were anxiously waiting for Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society to perform. There was a huge drapery covering the stage with the Black Label Society Design imprinted on it.  You could hear the crowd shouting and ready to rock out. Down came the drape and the band went right into their first song ” Losin’ Your Mind” which was soulful, but had grit.Zakk playing his bullseye Les Paul guitar was joined by band members John DeServio (bass), Jeff Fabb (drums), and Dario Lorina (guitar) perfect opening song to get the crowd ready to experience a fantastic acoustic show.As the show commenced, the crowd seemed to be almost mezmerized by the sound emerging from the stage.


This show is unlike any other BLS show, something maybe fans would not expect because it’s a little toned back. This concert really showcased their talent as a band.”Road Back Home”  a heartfelt song, with deep meaning, drew the crowd in. Zakk on piano showed his musical talents and sang his heart out. The next song “House of Doom” was heavier,  then “Machine Gun Man” was performed with the support of back up vocals by  DeServio and Lorina.The crowd couldn’t believe how fast Zakk was playing his double neck guitar when they went into the next song, “Sold My Soul.” Wylde took a moment to introduce his fellow band mates by Society chapter and the show only got better after that. Zakk payed tribute to “Dimebag” Darrell Abbot, returning to the piano once again and playing “In This River.” Fans could feel the emotion of the song and were swaying with horns raised up in the air.


Towards the end of the show two new songs “Scars” and “Empty Promises” were debuted. The rest of the show consisted of the following songs: “Throwing It All Away”, “The Blessed Hell Ride” and “Dying Time” BLS closed out the show with “Stillborn”. Although, the show was primarily acoustic, the band still delivered their power and intensity. At times throughout the show they were bringing the heavy hard rock vibe, and with certain songs like “In This River” they were tender. Overall, they still had the crowd wanting more. By far Zakk Wylde is one of the best guitar players out there in the music industry. I can see Black Label Society being around for a very long time and surely the fans are excited about that.



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