Cavalera Conspiracy At Webster Hall With COC And Death Angel

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Cavalera Conspiracy brought their tour to The Marlin Room, Webster Hall, NYC (4/19) with some very special guests to celebrate their latest album “Pandemonium.” Lody Kong, Corrosion of Conformity – Blind (featuring original members Karl Agell and Reed Mullin), Death Angel and Cavalera Conspiracy all came together for what seemed to be a heavy metal fan’s dream come true.


Lody Kong from Pheonix, Arizona surprised fans with an explosive opening to the night. Made up of Max’s sons Igor (vocals/guitar) and Zyon (drums) along with John Bauer (Guitar) and Shanks (bass). Lody Kong is loud, thrashy and fast, perfect for a mosh pit to form. Their music is heavy filled with melodic riffs and drum patterns, keeping everyones attention in the room. The influence of an early Sepultura can be heard within all the insanity that is Lody Kong. Their youthful presence and unbelievable talent was a fresh air to all who were present to witness their powerful set.

Corrosion of Conformity
Second act of the night was Corrosion of Conformity – Blind, which includes original singer, Karl Agell, who sang on the album “Blind”, as well as original founding member, Reed Mullin. Original COC fans were in the house, excited and singing along to their every word. “Blind” which was released in 1991, stands the test of time, proving to be one of the most memorable rock albums of that era. Fans were thrilled to witness original Corrosion of Conformity, including one very special young boy who got the attention of lead singer Karl Agell by rocking out in the front row. Agell noticed him and asked his parents if he could bring him up on stage to sing a song. Shy, but excited, the young boy sang an entire song by Agell’s side while fans cheered. I’m sure this little boy will never forget this night.


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Thrash Metal band, Death Angel (Rob Cavestany, Mark Osegueda, Ted Aguilar, Will Carroll, Damien Sisson), came out to a full house with fans ready to throw down in the mosh pit. Their 80’s thrash metal brought the energy to a new level and warmed them up for what was to come with Cavalera Conspiracy. Lead guitarist Rob Cavestany showed off his amazing shredding skills on the guitar as the crowd looked on. Mark Osegueda also surprised the crowd, still being able to deliver strong heavy metal screams even after all these years. The band is also one of few who are unafraid of connecting with fans, starring into the eyes of fans and allowing them to sing into the microphone really makes the crowd feel like one with the band. Their latest album “The Dream Calls for Blood” was released on October 11th, 2013, 31 years since the bands formation. Through the bands success, hiatus and now triumphant return, fans have stuck side by side with them. Acknowledging the fact that they’re keeping the sound of 80’s thrash metal alive.
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For 2 long hours, fans had been waiting for one of the most respected and admired musicians in heavy metal. As each member came out on stage, starting out with Igor Cavalera on drums, Marc Rizzo on guitar, Nate Newton on bass, and finally, lead singer Max Cavalera. While everyone knows the Cavalera brothers as being the original founding members of legendary heavy metal band Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy also marks an important event in the lives of both. After the long rivalry between the two brothers, they finally decided to bury the hatchet and created Cavalera Conspiracy. While the band writes and records their own original material, they still perform original Sepultura songs. This being known, fans of the original Sepultura lineup were ecstatic and had saved up most of their energy for the final act. The entire crowd was raging, going wild in the mosh pit as Max requested of them. Their set list included “Refuse Resist”, “Territory”, “Torture”, “Attitude” and “Roots.” Max also invited up to the stage, his son (lead singer of Lady Kong) to perform with him, as well as Jose Mangin, of radio station SiriusXM Liquid Metal. It is safe to say that while Sepultura may never get back together, fans are now content with witnessing the original two members of Sepultura perform the bands original music, a special moment for metal fans to be a part of.



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