IKILLYA And Metalfier Open Up For Whiplash At Blackthorn 51

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Thrash icons Whiplash made their way down to Queens this past February 7th to perform at Blackthorn 51 with up and coming metal bands IKILLYA, Metalfier, Black Dawn, Lost Legacy, Rise to Burn and BLOODLINE.

Metalfier is a metal band based out of NYC who’s been in the underground metal scene since 2004. The band has had the opportunity to open up for heavyweights like Queensryche and Doro Pesch. After 11 years the band continues to make their name with their latest self-titled album METALFIER, working towards a new release and upcoming shows opening for Doro Pesch on March 3rd (Philly), March 22nd (w/ IKILLYA and Flames Of Fury) and April 15th with Michael Schenker.

The band always puts on an adrenaline-fueled show, with lead singer Andrew Janda encouraging fans to bring up their excitement and scream. Their second show with 2nd quitarrist Jonnie Rockit turned out to be another great one, with added energy by Rockit. The band also surprised fans by covering Slayers “Season In The Abyss” with added growls and heavier drums. Now with so many impressive openings and adding Whiplash to the list, the band continues to impress fans, the local scene, as well as the icons they’ve opened up for.

IKILLYA, another band with 10 years under their belt and a multitude of accomplishments was the direct supporting act of the night. With a very successful album release under MegaForce Records, a European tour and a heavy following within the underground metal scene, IKILLYA has reached a respect amongst it’s peers for their hard work, a very deserving accomplishment.

The band always displays a raw aggression on stage with the screaming vocals of lead singer Jason Lekberg and the melodic riffs of guitarist Eric Jackson. IKILLYA also manages to set itself apart with lyrics that are usually uplifting regardless of how heavy the music might be. Their mix of progressive-metal, thrash and hard rock proves to be infectious every time creating new fans at each show.

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Thrash legends Whiplash came on stage with ripping guitar riffs and heavy drums. Band members Tony Portaro (Vocals/Guitar), Charlie Zeleny (Drums) and Dank Delong (Bass/Vocals) all brought an energy that seemed too big to fit the venue. Portaro was not shy to get close to the crowd, shredding infront of fans including one that head banged like there was no tomorrow. Portaro appreciated the energy and admiration the fan was displaying and handed him his guitar pick. Unlike many popular bands, Whiplash was not afraid of the interaction between fans and themselves.

The band which is often underrated and looked over when talking about metal, might be one of the most influential bands within the metal scene today. Albums like Power and Pain as well as Ticket To Mayhem continue to be fan favorites and are often considered to be an influence to many upcoming metal bands. While the metal genre continues to change today, bands like Whiplash keep holding strong with their old school thrash-metal sound.

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