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Kamelot have finally returned to their U.S. fans for a 2015 North American tour to support the release of their new album Haven, which made its debut on May 5th, 2015. Packing out The Marlin Room at Webster Hall in New York City, Kamelot and tour mates Dragonforce are on the road until their final show together on May 22, 2015 at Iron City in Birmingham, AL.

Before Kamelot took the stage, Dragonforce entered striding onto the stage without a dry seat in the house to open up their set with the powerful 2004 classic “Fury of the Storm” from the Sonic Firestorm album. Effortlessly gathering cheers from the crowd, Dragonforce’s lead vocalist Marc Hudson was a ceaseless force of hair raising long and melodic high notes. Long time fans showed intense enthusiasm to see guitarist and back up vocalist Herman Li perform his famous, high energy guitar solos and electrified facial expressions that revealed endless passion for music and performance. The “Three Hammers” single joined Herman Li and fellow lead guitarist Sam Totman to stand back to back for the power guitar solo shredding that Dragonforce is so famously known for. The entire set also included their singles “The Game”, “Operation Ground and Pound”, “Symphony of the Night”, “Cry Thunder”, “Valley of the Damned”, a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”, and an encore performance with the worldwide Dragonforce hit single, “Through the Fire and Flames”. Fans will be ecstatic to hear that the band, after considerable debate, will be releasing the first Dragonforce Blu-Ray/DVD, “In The Line Of Fire” this July 2015 which follows the band on tour. The DVD is set to feature extreme camera angles, including music from the set list and more. Dragonforce will continue touring this year to promote their latest album Maximum Overload well into the end of August 2015.

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With a new album, terrific tour lined up, and die hard fans, Kamelot plowed through the doors of Webster Hall ready to conquer U.S. heavy metal stages with their Classical/Power Metal sound laced with Progressive Metal styles. The speed single “When the Lights are Down” was the ideal opening song for the stage lighting to rise and hover over the massive crowd. Kamelot made their tour stop worthwhile for fans in The Marlin Room of Webster Hall. From Tampa, Florida, Kamelot are one of the few Power Metal bands originating in the U.S. with lead singer and Swedish native Tommy Karevik’s smooth and passionate vocal range tastefully placed in heavy metal music where screams and growls are otherwise heard. The vocal style for Kamelot’s dark, heavy, and high energy music has bestowed success upon the band since 1998. Bassist Sean Tibbetts kept the energy high amongst a head banging crowd with his deep thumping notes and famed long wild blonde braided hair tossed high and low to the the beat of each song. Lovely special guest and live vocal support Linnéa Vikström engaged Kamelot fans with her lacy and  fierce transition of vocals while inviting the crowd to sing along. Kamelot’s set brought fans together with other performed hits such as “Ghost Opera”, “The Great Pandemonium”, “Veil of Elysium”, “My Confession”, “Center of the Universe”, “Song for Jolee”, “Karma”, drum solo by Casey Grillo, “Revolution”, “Torn”, “Insomnia”, “Veritas”, keyboard solo by Oliver Palotai, “Forever”, and last but not least, an encore performance of “Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)” and “March of Mephisto”. Karevik called out and beckoned to the crowd to cheer for their camera man who briefly filmed Kamelot and the roaring fan interaction towards the end of their set, a performance by both Kamelot and Dragonforce is one The Marlin Room of Webster Hall will never forget. See future Kamelot and Dragonforce tour dates below!

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