Kataklysm Treats Austin, TX to Intimate Show at Come & Take It Live!

Juno Award winning metal band Kataklysm has had a long successful run since their inception in 1991 and recently released their thirteenth studio album titled Meditations on June 1st, 2018. Kataklsym has since gone out on tour in support of their milestone album; their most recent tour, “Meditations Over North America 2019” featured bands Hatchet, Krisiun and Exhorder as supporting acts, making their way to Austin on September 17th.

Come and Take It Live! a venue in Austin known to host metal shows throughout the year, welcomed the bands with a smaller crowd on a Tuesday night. Having had already covered Kataklysm in New York City, the opportunity to watch them perform at a smaller venue with a much smaller crowd was a truly a treat. Although we unfortunately missed Hatchet, we hope you check out the music and upcoming shows of this Bay Area band by clicking here.

Krisiun from Brazil was the second act up, of which we only caught the ending. While it was not a long moment, fans seemed very happy with what they heard from the band. No newcomers to the death metal scene, the band has been active since 1990, making it a nearly 30-year career. For more information on Krisiun, click here.
Exhorder from New Orleans, Louisiana were the direct supporting act of the night and a treat for everyone present. Considered one of the pioneers of groove metal and the sound that would later become popularized by other metal bands the 80s and 90s, Exhorder have been obscured and are often considered as an underrated metal band given their impact on the groove metal genre. After years of being on hiatus, the band formally returned to touring in 2017 and officially released their first album on September 20th of this year titled “Mourn The Southern Skies.” Even with a long time off from performing, the band put on an energetic, cohesive show. Although Exhorder never reached the fame and recognition they deserve, true metal fans continue to support the band and acknowledge their impact on heavy metal music.

Kataklysm were not only the headliners but are also regarded as favorites among today’s heavy metal scene. The band’s latest album “Mediations” stays true to the band’s roots from start to finish and is perhaps why the band continues to be a success story after nearly three decades. While the band would surely sell out venues in more condensed cities such as New York, having the opportunity to see them at Come and Take It Live! with local Austin metal fans who are truly long term followers of Exhorder and Kataklysm. Listen to Kataklysm’s latest album and keep up with their tour announcements here.






Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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