Sabaton, Kreator and Cyhra Bring the Best of European Metal to The Paramount

On the night of March 4th 2018 a show unlike any other graced Long Island’s The Paramount and that show was Cyhra, Kreator, and Sabaton. This lineup erupted with hundreds of people circling around the building to come witness what would be a spectacle of true amazement. To start the night off a band named Cyhra whose members came from Gothenburg, Sweden. I was not prepared for what was to come; their sound truly was the most memorable and unique, it drew me in instantaneously. From the comedic guitar man’s face expression to the harsh riffs, it was all in all an amazing sight.

Then followed a band that I have been listening to since I was nine years old and that band’s name is Kreator. Formed in 1982 in Essen, Germany, Kreator has a long reputation in the thrash metal sub-genre. From the moment they went on I was screaming the lyrics right back at Mille Petrozza. The crowd was more then electric. It was a crowd of war where the mosh pits opened and you could guarantee it took the whole middle part of the Paramount floor. Half way through their set Mille asked from left to right, “I want to see a WALL OF DEATH!” This set a couple hundred of people flying into one another as the song had begun its insane breakdown. I felt lifted to the sky to be able to witness a band I’ve looked forward to seeing for eleven years. After the crowd got back to there feet Kreator played there final song having everyone screaming the lyrics and having the whole place know the name of Kreator.

As the lights began to dim and chatter amongst everyone not a single person was prepared for Sabaton. From Falun, Sweden, Sabaton has been enamoring fans with their power metal melodies. Sabaton is a band unlike most where as soon as you hear the kick of the drum, you know everyone is ready to open up a mosh pit. My favorite player hands down was the drummer, Hannes Van Dahl. He blew the stage away with his insane double kick drum and his fast paced movements to keep the melody fast, hard and brutal. The night was truly a sight to see, and the show resonated with all the fans in more ways then I can count.







Photo credits to: Matthew Baur/Washedup Media
Review by: Lucas McAfree/In Mosh We Trust

Lucas McAfee
Lucas McAfee
Lucas McAfee, a man who always saw art as a struggle but when it came to seeing bands he loves it never fell flat from pure poetry in motion. As years passed he witnessed the thrive for Long Islands very own music scene and wanted to give back some how. He picked up his iPhone, yes an iPhone and started capturing moments photographers were shocked a phone could even grasp. He also dabbled with using film to bring a simple practice back to life but always stayed true to his roots of being the IPhone Photographer. You can see some of his work at