Zakk Wylde Shreds Through Webster Hall

New York City’s latest heat wave this Summer was no match for Zakk Wylde fans last week on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 during his tour stop at Webster Hall in support of his solo acoustic record, Book of Shadows II. The tour began on July 8th in Dallas, Texas and will continue until September 3rd in Los Angeles, CA with direct support from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and Jared James Nichols. With his guitar company Wylde Audio and new album following Book of Shadows released in 1996, Zakk Wylde has been steadfast with promoting his music and new line of guitars ever since both were launched.


Jared James Nichols 4


Jared James Nichols opened the show with his soulful style of Blues/Rock. Originally from Wisconsin and currently based in Los Angeles, Jared James Nichols is heavily influenced by guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. Jared James Nichols released his EP Old Glory & The Wild Revival in 2013, later adding five more tracks, transforming it into a full length album. Passionate about his music and the opportunity to share the stage with Zakk Wylde, Nichols opened his set up strong with guitar string bends of the classic rock era and a vibrant performance that resonated throughout the audience. Old Glory & The Wild Revival includes tracks such as “Playin’ For Keeps”, “Blackfoot”, “Let You Go”, and “All Your Pain”. Jared James’ final show in the U.S. this year will be in Los Angeles, CA on September 3rd at The Fonda Theatre before taking off to the United Kingdom to tour from October 17 to October 27. For more tour dates click here.


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From Nashville, TN, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown captured the attention of everyone at Webster Hall with professionally assembled stage lighting and a pure Rock and Roll sound that brought the intoxicating heat of the country to New York City. Having shared the stage with the likes of Aerosmith, Heart, BB King, and Pat Benatar, at only 21 years of age Tyler Bryant has received much recognition as a prodigy musician in the Blues and Rock scene. Alongside Tyler are drummer Caleb Crosby, bassist Noah Denney, and Graham Whitford on guitar. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown released their latest album Wild Child on January 22, 2013 through Carved Records.


As of November 13, 2015 Tyler Bryant released their EP The Wayside, which includes the popular track “Loaded Dice & Buried Money”. Tyler Bryant’s performance at Webster Hall was as intimate and heated as their music and the Summer air on July 19th. Tyler Bryant’s final show with Zakk Wylde will take place at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA at Regency Ballroom, following tour dates with AC/DC from September 1st until September 17, 2016. Dates here.


As Tyler Bryant and the Shakedowns cleared the stage, concertgoers took some time to stand outside Webster Hall for a break from the high energy of the last two hours, while others took to the back of the venue for a cold beer refill. Most Zakk Wylde fans there wore their beards and hair long with donned leather vests representing the Hard Rock and Metal music culture. Fans discussed the opening acts enthusiastically, regularly checking their phones to be sure to catch Zakk Wylde’s opening song. Webster Hall filled up quickly as the time approached for Zakk to take the stage.


Lights were dim just before Zakk walked on to the stage, slinging his guitar over his back as the audience erupted with cheers to “Sold My Soul”. Zakk Wylde played for ten minutes straight while including an extended guitar solo under gold, pink, and blue stage lighting. Zakk coordinated a collection of his Wylde Audio guitars on stage for different songs. Members of Black Label Society John DeServio on bass, Jeff Fabb on drums, and rhythm guitarist Dario Lorina (keys and back up vocals) fortified the evening alongside Zakk Wylde’s renowned style of shredding.


Zakk Wylde 1


It was after “Sold My Soul”, “Autumn Changes”, “Tears of December”, “Lay Me Down”, “Road Back Home”, “Yesterday’s Tears”, “Heaven and Hell”, and “Darkest Hour” that Zakk Wylde began performing “Throwin’ It All Away”. Just two minutes into the song, Zakk descended from the side of the stage and continued to play as he walked through the crowd to the center of the venue, security surrounding him just enough to give Zakk room to play amongst his fans who could hardly contain their excitement from being in close proximity to him. This became the highlight of the evening at Webster Hall. Zakk Wylde could be seeing playing masterful guitar leads with his guitar over his neck for about five minutes until he returned to the stage to continue the song.


As Black Label Society were mid song of “Throwin’ It All Away”, a random fan ran up on stage, proceeded to bow down to Zakk Wylde, and was quickly carted off stage by security; a comical sight to witness. “Road Back Home” featured Zakk Wylde taking over on keys with Dario Lorina on guitar center stage and fans with horns up and hands in the air waving side to side to the ballad. Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society closed the night out with hits “The King”, “Lost Prayer”, and “Sleeping Dogs” with Dario Lorina on acoustic guitar. On August 7th, Zakk Wylde will hit up Heavy Montreal and a few other locations in Canada, later returning to the U.S. on August 26th to complete the last leg of the Book of Shadows II tour. The tour ends on September 3rd at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. For more tour dates, click here.


Jared James Nichols:

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Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown:

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Zakk Wylde:

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