David Cook Brings Acoustic Tour to NYC

A decade after winning the seventh season of American Idol, David Cook is an artist all his own. Most recently, Cook took over Broadway as the lead actor in Kinky Boots and released his fifth studio album on February 16, 2018 titled Chromance.

David Cook won over American viewers with his vocal talent and genuine stage presence on American Idol in 2008. His authenticity helped him go on to win the entire season and he has since remained active in music. His major label debut, David Cook, produced some of his most notable radio hits such as “Light On” (written by the late, great Chris Cornell). While Cook parted from major label RCA in 2013 with Digital Vein being released via INgrooves Music Group, he has remained active in performing, debuting on Broadway as the lead role in Kinky Boots in 2018. He shared personal context revolving the label transition during his show at Sony Hall on November 12th.

Sony Hall is a venue located in the basement of the posh Paramount Hotel in Times Square, NYC. A very beautiful setup, with tables, chairs and even a disco ball above, Sony Hall gradually became full with devoted fans who have followed Cook since his 2008 rise to fame. Opening the night was singer-songwriter Matt Hires from Tampa, Florida, who with his innocent charm and jokes about life, quickly won over the audience. Hires shared funny stories of the many times he’s been asked to play “Honey, Let Me Sing You a Song” for couples during proposals, as well as the fear of being a new dad and his love of Mike Birbiglia as a result. His emo influenced, acoustic set resonated with the audience and his personality won him over new fans that night.

David Cook soon came out to perform with his acoustic band and shared the fact that he had not yet had an acoustic tour and thought it would be appropriate. Cook shared some very personal life moments throughout the show and even performed a special rendition of a song, only for the NYC audience. When reminiscing on his American Idol days, he shared the rigorous schedule following his win, and the effect the very unfortunate passing of his brother Adam had on him. Cook stated he didn’t give himself the time and space to mourn properly, instead going on with the American Idol tour and being in the studio to finish up his self-titled, major label debut.

This prompted his departure from RCA as he felt he needed to comply with their rules during a very difficult time in his life. He also treated fans to a very special acoustic rendition of the song “Carry You” (off of Digital Vein), which was featured on an episode of Intervention as well as an acoustic cover of “Heroes” by David Bowie.

The night was filled with heartfelt emotion and transparency on the part of both Hires and Cook, making the show stand out from the typical rehearsed, standard show many artists give at every city they play in. Although Cook is not as mainstream as he once was, his charisma and talent has helped him maintain an incredible, loyal following, with fans traveling across states and attending every show in town. What is a testament to his character, and why he’s been able to keep such a loyal fan base, was a piece of advice he left his audience with; “You have no idea what you mean to someone.. a handshake, a smile, a word. If you take anything away from tonight, aside from some stupid jokes… give love.”


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To purchase David Cook’s latest release Chromance, click here.

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