Hoodie Allen’s ‘The Hype Tour’ Homecoming at The PlayStation Theater


Hoodie Allen is best remembered for his viral YouTube hit “You Are Not A Robot“ (2011) which strung a chord with suburban college life, but he’s not been forgotten since. The Long Island based rapper has recently released The Hype on September 29th and his youth friendly, suburban image brought out the teenage pop-loving crowd to New York City’s PlayStation Theater for the final night of ‘The Hype Tour’ on November 25th.


Although deeply influenced by hip-hop and rap, Hoodie Allen’s tunes are dipped in candy, with catchy pop driven rhythms underlying rap beats, and a suburban fan culture to accompany it. Born Steven Markowitz in Long Island, Hoodie Allen would go on to attend University of Pennsylvania where he’d meet producer RJF during an Alpha Epsilon Pi-hosted party and with whom he’d create the albums Bagels & Beats and Making Waves. Hoodie Allen was from the beginning a hit with the frat-rap social scene.


While the PlayStation Theater was not at capacity, the venue was filled with laughter and chatter from a youthful crowd. Many fans not old enough to attend on their own sought companions in their parents who waited next to the bar area outside the main venue. With a youthful crowd, there was no need for a full venue; their voices were loud enough to make the venue sound full.








Myles Parrish 


LA-based rapper Luke Christopher as direct support for Hoodie Allen


Hoodie Allen found support in up-and-coming rappers Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher, both of whom appeared to have fans of their own in the audience. Hoodie Allen was of course the most waited for and whom young girls went wild for. Performing tracks like “Small Town”, “Surprise Party”, and “All About It”, made the audience sing along to every word and helped Hoodie feel at home. To take a listen and explore the frat-rap world of Hoodie Allen, make sure to watch his YouTube videos here and purchase The Hype via iTunes.


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