Anthrax And Volbeat Sell Out Hammerstein Ballroom

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Thrash Metal pioneers and Rockabillies Volbeat ended their U.S. Tour in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The Tour kicked off in April of this year and what better place to end it then New York City. It was a chilly rainy night, but that didn’t stop all the metal fans from coming out to support the bands they can’t get enough of.
Opening act was Crobot from Pottsville, PA. They have been working hard touring and building a name for themselves. Starting the night with their hit single “The Legend of The Space Born Killer”. Post-Grunge and 70’s style rock n roll was evident in the song “Nowhere to Hide”. They thanked everyone who came early to the show and from that point on they rocked the house. They gave it their all, they deserved to be part of the night of Metal and Rock. Catch them at Webster Hall on July 15th.
Next up was Anthrax one of the best thrashing metal bands formed in 1981. Their album “Fistfull of Metal” was their claim to fame in 1984. Original band members Joey Belladonna (vocals), Frank Bello (bass), Scott Ian (guitar) and Charlie Benante are current members of the band and Jonathan Donias on guitar joined them in 2013. Joey Belladonna ran up on stage fully engaging the crowd as they opened with “Caught in A Mosh” from their 1987 album Among The Living.  Ian captivated the crowd with his intense guitar rhythms and the energy he brought forward. Bello on bass head banging along with Donias ripping away at his guitar brought the show to another level of excitement for the crowd. Benante’s drumming was booming and the entire venue felt the heavy vibrations.Belladonna introduced a track off their new album titled ” Sister Fucker”, part of The Metal Masters Pack in celebration of the hit series Game of Thrones.As the show continued Anthrax gave tribute to two great Metal Legends. The late Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrel. Both of their images were displayed on large sized draperies displayed on both ends of the stage. After they sang their tribute song, Belladonna went into the song “Antisocial” and then closed the set with “Indians”. Ian demanded the crowd to mosh, headbang and have a good time. He wanted to make sure all the New York City fans were enjoying the show and have the best time ever. They promised to be back next year,and everyone cheered. They will tour with Slayer in Europe later this year. Definitely check out some cool Anthrax songs, and be sure to catch them when they are back in the States.
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Volbeat from Copenhagen, Denmark was soon to hit the stage. Everyone making sure they had the best spot to witness the talent of Micahel Poulsen founder and lead vocals of the band, Rob Caggiano on guitar, Jon Larsen on drums, and Anders Kjolholm on bass. Their influences are Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Metallica, Slayer, and Social Distortion. It’s an interesting mix of bands they are influenced by, but if you listen to Volbeat you will clearly understand. They have done really well over the years touring in Europe as well as in the States, and now they were ready to close out the tour in good ol’ New York City, the place to be!

Volbeat opened up their set with “Halleluja Goat” and the crowd knowing word for word sang along. Poulsen being the focal point with his guitar playing and distinctive deep toned voice locked in the crowds attention. Caggiano is obviously having a fantastic time playing his heavy guitar riffs and blistering solos moving around on stage and having fun with the fans. This was my second time seeing Volbeat live and I was digging their metal arrangement of Johnny Cash “Ring Of Fire” Every person in the venue knew the words, singing loudly with enthusiasm. The crowd surfing was wild, and soon Poulsen joined in and was crowd surfing too! Jerry Only the original band member of The Mistfits came on stage as a special guest and performed with Volbeat as they jammed throughout “Angelfuck”. Looking around there were quite a few Mistfits fans showing off their Mistfits tshirts and raising their horns.

Towards the end of their set Poulsen invited all the children up on stage as he Rob, Anders and Jon played “16 Dollars”. The children were thrilled to be on the same stage as Volbeat, it was quite an experience. I only gets better, when Volbeat invited Charlie Benante on drums and Scott Ian on guitar to join them on stage and rock out to “Pool of Booze Booze Booza” All the fans, especially the Anthrax followers were going crazy and soaking in the metal music flying off the stage.Last song of their set was ” Still Counting” as the fans cheered louder and louder, singing and enjoying the music. It was a great night for veteran Anthrax fans and newly rockabilly Volbeat fans. The sold out show proves that Metal is still alive.

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