Flyleaf’s ‘Between The Stars’ Tour At The Gramercy Theatre

Flyleaf made their way to Gramercy Theater this Thursday night (10/16), with supporting acts Charetta, Ryan White and LullWater. Local NYC band Charetta was first to open the show, playing a mixed set of alternative/ hard rock which eased up the fans for the following acts. Lead singer Angelina wowed fans with her vocal ability and stage presence. The band proved to have great chemistry on stage, though was saddened when it came time to announce that it was bassist Rich Mollo’s last show. After a very successful set, the band hugged as the fans cheered as the band said goodbye to bassist Rich Mollo. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this band back on stage with a new bassist soon.DSC_4475
Surprisingly, although expected to be a hard rock show, performer Ryan White came out to do an acoustic set. The audience went silent when he stepped out on stage, wondering why the show had turned into an acoustic set. Though as soon as fans heard his voice and the angst his lyrics projected, fans seemed to be held by the strong emotion he displayed on stage. A certain part of the audience was specifically held in silence by Ryan White’s voice. It was for sure a treat to everyone in the audience to hear such a powerful performer.

The 2nd opening act for Flyleaf was Lullwater, a southern rock band from Athens, Georgia. The southern rockers blew NYC fans away with lead singer John Strickland’s grungy vocals and the inevitable catchy rhythm of Brett Strickland’s guitar. The band played tunes like “Oddline”, “New Design” and “Tug of War.” The band brought back a little something of the grunge feel with a mix of southern rock. A sound so fresh and different to New York City. The bands self-titled debut album is out now.

Finally, headlining band Flyleaf came out with new singer Kristen May. The response to the band was no different than it ever has been. Fans love Flyleaf and always show indefinite love to them. Appropriately fitting to the mood, the band began their set list with the hit “Fully Alive” followed by “Again.” Kristen May completely embodies what it means to be a front woman. From her stage presence, her wide vocal range and her humbleness to step down from the stage and walk into the crowd to jump and sing along with them. Such a treat to see four amazing acts with so much presence to share with the audience.

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Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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