Halestorm, Lita Ford and Dorothy Bring Their Girl Power to Webster Hall

Halestorm headlined a sold out show at Webster Hall in NYC on April 27th alongside women fronted rock bands Dorothy and Lita Ford. Dorothy opened the show and quickly got the crowd pumped up. Dorothy is a hard rock band from LA fronted by Dorothy Martin who with her alluring presence and captivating voice primed the NYC audience for a night of female fronted Rock and Roll escapades.

Dorothy 2

Lita Ford 3
The legendary Lita Ford took the stage soon after. She voraciously belted strong, booming vocals over punchy guitar riffs. Thereʼs a reason why sheʼs considered one of the most influential female guitarists in Rock and Roll and she reaffirmed it at Webster Hall. During her set she shared the stage with Lzzy for a duet of “Close My Eyes Forever”, then added Dorothy for a blistering version of “Cherry Bomb.”

Halestrom 3
Ending the night and after eager anticipation, it was finally Halestormʼs turn to arouse their fans. Lzzy started their set with her playing God Bless the Beast on piano by herself, then was joined by the rest of the band for Mz. Hyde. They played a slew of their hits including; “Love Bites (So Do I)”, “I Get Off”, “Freak Like Me” and “Rock Show”. Halestorm also broke out their signature drum solo/circle, and included Lita Fordʼs drummer Bobby Rock and Dorothyʼs drummer Zac Morris in its percussional fury. They closed the show with their songs, “Hereʼs to Us” and “I Miss The Misery.” This show was a testament that Rock will live on for an eternity, with no chance of slowing down. All three bands brought their A game and gave the audience a night theyʼre sure not to forget anytime soon.



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Lita Ford:

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