Lacey Sturm Returns With Inspiration Alongside Stitched Up Heart

Known for being the original and longtime frontwoman of rock band Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm has now returned after a 5 year hiatus with a new solo album titled Life Screams. Sturm’s latest tour set out with support from bands Letters from The Fire, Palisades and Stitched Up Heart stopping by Webster Hall in New York City on February 6th.


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I got there just in time for Stitched Up Heart’s set, who I happened to catch last year when they opened for Sick Puppies, so I was eager to experience their entire show this time around. They did not disappoint! Mixi Demner has a way of drawing in the audience and enthralling them with her dominating on stage presence. Their songs were so compelling that I went straight on iTunes after the show and purchased their album.


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Soon after, the main act Lacey Sturm took the stage. I’ve been a fan since her days in Flyleaf, which happen to be the last time I saw her in concert, so I was eager to see her with this line-up. As always her performance was very inspirational; Lacey shared moments and trials from her life that she had overcome. She also shared the secret to finding the right person and learning how to truly love, all of this while putting on a raw and heavy performance. Lacey Sturm is one of those artists that can simultaneously get you to see inside yourself with her inspirational lyrics and start a mosh pit while head banging as you become one with the pulse of the beat.


Sturm performed songs like “I’m Not Laughing”, “You’re Not Alone” and even a medley of Flyleaf songs, including their popular “I’m So Sick. Sturm will continue to tour and will stop by Wisconsin and New Hamsphire. For tickets, click here.






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