Living Colour Bring The Love To The Brooklyn Bowl On Valentines Day

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Love was in the air this past Valentines Day, and there was no better way to celebrate than by coming down to The Brooklyn Bowl to see rock icons Living Colour with their very special guests, Unlocking The Truth.

The last time Living Colour was in NYC was back in November of last year, when they surprised the audience by bringing out young rockers Unlocking The Truth at the very end of their set. It’s not a surprise they brought them out again, this time as their opening band.

Unlocking The Truth (Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins and Alec Atkins) are Brooklyn natives, who at their young age, they’re already amongst the most sought after artists in rock music today. Not only does their age set them apart, but also the fact that few African Americans pursue the Heavy Metal route when playing music. The youngsters love their music heavy, real heavy. With breakdowns that’ll inevitably make you want to headbang, the young band shows that at their young age they can still stand with the greats.

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Living Colour was up next, with a show fans will never forget. Appropriately starting their set with “Love Rears It’s Ugly Head”, and wishing the audience a Happy Valentines Day. Continuing their set with songs like “Ignorance”, “Middle Man”, and “Who Shot Ya?” had the audience (who was full of people of all ages) dancing and singing along. Many of which seemed to be following the band for years. Not only did the band treat their fans with their own hits, but they also brought out respected trumpet player Wallace Rooney to help out with their song “Solace Of You.”

Also leaving the crowd breathless was bass player Doug Wimbish with his bass solo, which left everyone amazed at his incredible talent. Wimbish wasn’t the only to perform a solo either, drummer Will Calhoun also delivered a very unique drum solo, incorporating different genre’s into one outstanding performance. Before the band ended their set, guitarist Vernon Reid took his time to introduce another special guest, someone who he said has support the band from the very beginning. Announcing his guest, guitarist Alex Skolnick of the thrash metal band Testament. Together and with additional guest, a young 10 year old guitarist, they performed a cover of the classic “Sunshine Of Your Love.”

While joking and laughing, the band hugged each other in the success of another great show. Unlocking The Truth came out and together with Living Colour, and Alex Skolnick they bowed while fans clapped with joy. Witnessing the past and future of colored artists within the heavy metal genre was a treat for everyone present, and there was no better place to be on Valentines Day than at Living Colour’s show.

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