Sick Puppies Bring their ‘Fury’ to Gramercy Theatre

Aussie rockers Sick Puppies headlined Gramercy Theatre in NYC on May 9th, along with The Things They Carried, Hudson, Stitched Up Heart and Red Sun Rising. All four bands warmed up the stage and revved up the crown for a night filled with music infused camaraderie. Noteworthy was Stitched Up Heartʼs set and their singerʼs, Mixi, stage presence and powerful vocal performance. Also Red Sun Rising, hailing from Akron Ohio, captivated the audience with their raw brand of music and catchy songs. A definite highlight of the night was Red Sun Risingʼs cover of “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette.


Sick Puppies took the stage with a bang, as they started their set with “Street Fighter (War)” from their second album, “Tri Polar”. They then followed it with “Cancer”, “Riptide” and “Stick to your Guns”. The latter, the first of three new songs from their upcoming release, Fury. During the set they connected on a personal level with the audience and made everyone feel like family. At one point they had the fans raise their hands in a show of solidarity of anyone thatʼs ever been emotionally hurt by another, imbuing each person that night with a sense of calm and hope. Towards the end of the set, Sick Puppies broke out a formidable cover of “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine. They ended the night with their song “Youʼre Going Down” then quickly headed to the merch table to engage with their devoted fans.

Sick Puppies
is one of the best live bands out there today; the love for their fans and what they do conveys itself in their music and live shows. They are one of the few acts out there that are able to tap into the fervor of the crowdʼs beating heart and leave them with a concert high they will not forget.



Red Sun Rising: 

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Sick Puppies: 

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Monica Stricker
Monica Stricker
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