Groves Bring Back the Eighties with Culture Club

Boy George and the Culture Club are in the throes of their world tour, and taking LA-based band Groves along for the ride. Groves who appropriately hailed from Groves, Texas, are inspired by artists like Elvis Costello, Phoenix, and The Beatles. Combining elements of pop, soft rock and modern day effects made for the perfect sound to accompany the iconic Boy George and the Culture Club.


Loops, effects, and warm sounding drums are the key ingredients that give Groves that feel-good eighties synth-pop vibe. Their latest single, Swim, feels like a relaxing dip in the ocean; a brief escape from worry and responsibility. Despite the difference in age, Groves greatly compliments Culture Club and the incomparable Boy George.


While Boy George is still the reigning king (or queen) of their domain, Groves are well on their way to center stage, bringing their music to audiences young and old. They have done something unique and great by taking new technology that has radically changed the sound of modern music, and taken it to a place where it can be appreciated on the mainstream level, outside of the electronic underground.
Michelle Eliza
Michelle Eliza
Michelle Eliza is a recovering opera singer, who sought recovery in rock n roll music and roller derby. Michelle moved to New York City after earning her bachelor degree in music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After a few years singing in operatic productions, Michelle exchanged heels and high notes for wheels and loud noises. She currently lives in Brooklyn where she sings with the rock band Schmeeze.