Kat Cunning Performs with Pride at Mercury Lounge

The up and coming singer-songwriter Kat Cunning has been garnering praise and love from critics and fans alike. She’s not your typical pop singer; with a unique approach to singing, her music truly sets itself apart. Take a listen to her recent stop by Paste Studios in NYC and hear, the nasal quality of her voice adds a special touch of soul to her music and the jazz/soft rock melodies make her music hard to forget. Not only is her music a standout, but it is also her artistry, and it shined through during her comeback show at Mercury Lounge in LES on June 12th.

Upon arrival, there was a line waiting to enter the small venue. Considering Cunning has not released any album yet, I was surprised and impressed by the turnout of the night. Inside, the venue was almost at its limit with attendees as more continued to enter. Cunning approached the stage with her 2-piece band as backup. Dressed in a sexy one-piece bikini mesh, her Broadway persona and style shined through with artsy lighting and design in the background.

As a self-identifying queer, gender fluid artist, her LGBTQ+ fan base was there to support and represent. Just in time for Pride month, Cunning brought her Pride to the stage and encouraged the pride within her audience throughout the night. Expressing the sexual and love stories behind her songs, ranging from “Birds” to “Make U Say” which fans sang along to. At the end of the show, Cunning invited her fans up on stage to sing and dance along with her. It was a showing of her gratitude toward her fans and really demonstrated the way she tries to incorporate her fans and audience into the show, by becoming a performance together.

To keep up with Kat Cunning’s upcoming projects and tour, make sure to follow her Facebook page here.

Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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