The Astral Cadence Plays Fat Baby NYC

The instrumental/progressive metal act The Astral Cadence played an intimate show for fans at the Fat Baby venue in LES NYC. While the location may be known as a bar/nightclub, the basement floors hides a small stage and bar where fans can enjoy drinks while listening to underground acts from all around the tri-state area.


The Astral Cadence is made up of Sean Washington on lead guitar, Dennis Lars Torrent on bass and Arturo Enamorado on drums. The singerless band focuses their music on pure instrumental tunes, pairing ethereal sounds with heavy guitar melodies and distinctive drum patterns.


Much of the audience was new to the band but welcomed and enjoyed the instrumental set. Many were heard whispering positive comments during the breaks, and they would all come up to shake hands with the band once their set was over. The Astral Cadence adds a new, rare sound to the underground metal scene. One that no other instrumental band has shown. To keep up with The Astral Cadence, follow them on FacebookInstagram and Bandcamp.

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Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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