The Bullys At The Trash Bar

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The Bullys were one of the many bands that performed at The Trash Bar for “The Punk Rock Blowout Show” on March 13th. This was the last performance for the Bullys at The Trash Bar.  Of course, not their last performance ever, but this will be it for The Trash Bar. The well known historic venue in Brooklyn will be closing it’s doors soon.The Bullys are a well known New York City underground punk rock band. The Bullys came together in 1997 formed by Joey Lanz and Johnny Heffernan. Unfortunately in 2001, Johnny Heffernan lost his life in the attacks of the World Trade Center. He was a brave firefighter, punk rocker, devoted husband and father.The Bullys stayed together and kept on rocking in memory of their fallen brother. Their current band members are Joey Lanz lead vocals, Walt Stack guitar, Danny Nez guitar, Ted Flatus bass, and Gerry Tuohy drums. They are raw, edgy and in your face punk rock that gets you up moving and jumping around. Their music  influences are The Dictators, The Ramones and other music from late 1970’s era.It was a fantastic show, with so much energy not only from The Bullys, but from the crowd as well. Songs such as “I’m a boy”, and “New York City Man” were among my favorites that had everyone in the room singing along. The highlight of the night was when Mickey Leigh the rock n roll legend came up on stage and performed “Still My Home” with The Bullys.Here’s to another great show and looking forward to seeing them again very soon. Catch The Bullys at Joey Ramones Birthday Bash Presented by Mickey Leigh May 19th The Studio at Webster HallMore photos from the show:The Bully's hi res 19 The Bullys 3 hi res The Bullys 4 Hi res The Bullys hi res 2 The Bullys hi res 5 The Bullys hi res 8 The Bullys hi res 16   The Bullys hi res 11 The Bullys Hi res 13The Bullys Hi res 14The Bullys hi res 15The Bullys hi res 10

Anjanette McGrath
Anjanette McGrath
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