Tommy London Presents Ten Ton Mojo at the Gramercy Theatre

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, Live Nation and Tommy London presented Ten Ton Mojo with special guests Honor Among Thieves, Lizzie and the Makers, and All Night Sounds. This was a very special evening of local talent with the return of Ten Ton Mojo, who had been on a self-imposed hiatus rehearsing a new lead singer and working on some new material.


Kicking the night off was original New York hard rock band All Night Sounds.  These new kids on the block feature Kevin Downey on lead vocals and guitar, Ralph Missimer on guitar, James Mira on bass, and Dan Quataro on drums. Only playing together for a year the boys were tight, their songs a good formula of hard rock party music with catchy hooks and great guitar riffs.  With a smashing stage presence and tons of energy they surely got the audience sufficiently warmed up. A special shout-out to Jack Donahue, who brought the band mascot Owl Man to life.

For more information on the band visit their Facebook page, and you can get their music on CD Baby



Next up was the original, Brooklyn-based rock and blues band Lizzie & The Makers, featuring Lizzie Edwards on lead vocals, Brett Bass on bass, Rob Clores on keys, Greg Mcmullen on guitar, Bryan Bisordi on drums, and Sarah Wise on backup vocals. Their set was a throwback to some ’70s soulful, southern bluesy rock with a side of psychedelia, but in the context of the evening and the previous high-energy performance of All Night Sounds they were a little lost on me, and I, as well as some of the audience members, were distracted. But this band is comprised of some exceptionally talented musicians and they have some great songs. Lizzie has a dynamic, soulful, powerful voice, Greg plays a mean guitar, and Brett is one of the best bass players out there—put this band on the proper bill and they definitely can deliver.

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 Up next were Honor Among Thieves.  This original New York rock band features Dave Brooks on drums, Maurice Johnson on lead vocals, Eric Zee on guitar, and David Alva on bass. The crowd woke up for these guys and they had a lot of fans in the audience flashing horns and singing along. Their music is a mix of ’80s hard rock with a modern flare that creates a sound that is all their own. They were a lot of fun and their potent energy translated over to the audience. Maurice was very engaging, waving the crowd in closer to the stage—he has got some sweet moves and a great set of pipes. Given my fondness for drummers, I have to mention that Dave Brooks is not only extraordinarily talented but he has to be the happiest drummer on the local scene. I got some really good vibes from this band.

 Honor Among Thieves’ next show is on July 15, 2017, at Arlene’s Grocery. For more information on the band, their music, merchandise, and upcoming shows, visit their website at




The headliners of the evening, and the main reason we were all here tonight, was the return of Ten Ton Mojo and the debut of their new front man, Joey Lanz (formerly of the Bullys). Ten Ton Mojo also features guitarists Scott Lano and Gabe Mera, drummer Paul Kane, and bassist Chris Laubis.

I just have to say, WOW!!! The boys blew the roof off of the Gramercy Theatre. The energy on stage was palpable, flowing over into the audience where their fans and friends showed up in force. This was everything a rock show should be… guitar driven with heavy rhythms and strong, raspy vocals. I am really digging this revamped Ten Ton Mojo.  

The band opened their set with a brand-new tune entitled “Ride of Your Life,” and that is exactly what they took us on. Joey owned that mike and the stage, playing up to the audience and making the band’s popular songs like “American Honey” and “High Forever” his own. He is the perfect foil for the hard-edge sounds coming out of Scott and Gabe’s guitars, Paul’s harmonies and head-banging drum beats, and Chris’ driving rhythms.

The boys were in high gear and had the audience moving and shaking along as they played some familiar favorites like “Got the Light On” and “Ain’t That Right,” and debuted a couple of more new songs, “Dirty Sweet” and “Don’t Wanna Drink Tonight.”  The new tunes are chock full of the hard-driven percussion, no-holds-barred guitar riffs, and lyrical vocals that this band has become known for—so in other words, excellent!  

Ten Ton Mojo perfectly combines soulful, bluesy melodies and hard-edged rock that epitomizes classic, old-school, rock n’ roll and should most definitely be taken in live. Do yourself a big favor and make sure to check them out while they are still playing intimate venues, because I have a feeling this band will be taking off real soon!  

Ten Ton Mojo’s next gig is on June 23rd 2017, at the Revolution Ba in Amityville, NY.  For more information on the band, their music, merchandise, and other upcoming shows, visit their website at


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Lynn Cappiello
Lynn Cappiello
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