USA Out Of Vietnam At Rough Trade

Atmospheric band USA Out Of Vietnam made their way down to Rough Trade to introduce us all to their heavy psych/doom genre. The band who is from Montreal, Quebec may be the most unique thing you’ve ever heard. Their influences can be heard within their music, from doom metal to dream pop to nineties psychedelic, it’s all combined into one.


Their music will have you relaxed from the start, building its way up into heavy breakdowns that’ll make you feel the intensity and emotion they’re trying to get across. The band also doesn’t stick to the traditional 3 minute pop routine, often making their songs go on to 10 minutes.

As the venue continued to get filled, the audience could be seen more and more intrigued by what they were hearing. As if lost in the sound.

USA Out Of Vietnam seems to embody different genre’s/sounds/messages within each of it’s members. While the lead singer, bassist and guitarist might be bringing up the intensity, the piano player and drummer may be slowing down. All together the band is able to perform as if expressing emotion and telling a story through their music. Unique in every sense of the word, and an act that must be experienced in person.


Take a listen to a song off of their debut album Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes:

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Words and photos by: Mayra Ramales

Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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