Yonder Realm, Claim the Throne, Fin’amor, Dracaris And Manutara Rip Through The Trash Bar

Yonder Realm
, Manutara, Fin’amor, and Dracaris all came out in support of the Australian Warriors Claim The Throne at the Trash Bar (1/13) for a night filled with everything from Folk Metal, to Melodic Death.

The first band of the night was Manutara who filled the venue with catchy bass lines, and brought back the stoner rock feel of the 90’s. Manutara consists of members Christian, Kelsey and Lys who together combine a fusion of metal, stoner rock and post-punk. Their tunes are heavy enough to be played at a heavy metal bar but can easily crossover to the mainstream due to their catchy rhythm. No doubt Manutura will easily appeal to fans of any genre.

Fin' Amor 4
Fin’amor took to the stage next, an atmospheric/ melodic death band consisting of Benjamin (Vocals), Julian (Guitar), Raphael (Guitar), Nodar (Keyboard), Slava (Bass), and Eugene (Drums). Fin’ Amor is a band that’ll surely catch your ear, with songs that’ll go from an atmospheric beginning, to a thrashing melodic death ending. Vocalist Benjamin possesses vocals great enough to go from melodic harmonies to a screaming death growl, something few singers are capable of doing. Although extremely heavy, the atmospheric element the band brings to every show will keep the band unique amongst everyone else.

Yonder Realm 9
Next up was Yonder Realm, who we were very lucky to catch as they were our very first Artist of The Month for the month of January. The band who’s had a very successful 2014, returned to play the Trash Bar for the very first time. The band who is unique from the first time you hear their genre, Cosmic Folk Metal, truly differentiates itself with their amazing female violin/keyboard player Dana Lengel, who only adds to the melodic sound of the band. Jesse McGunnigle’s vocals and catchy guitar riffs of Jorge Dominguez blend perfectly together with the heavy drumming and bass lines of Johnny Gierak and Eddie Carrella. Although extremely melodic, and with high pitched guitar solos, the heavy aspect of the band is undeniable and fans are left with the impulse to create a mosh pit. If you’re not moshing, this band will have you head banging up until the very last melodic riff they play.

Dracaris 5
Dracaris was the fourth band of the night, a death metal band consisting of members Matthew Szablewicz (Vocals), Kamron Robinson (Guitar), Christian Allen (Guitar), James Orlando (Bass), Matthew Slagle (Drums). Vocalist Matthew Szablewicz is capable of delivering deep growls that can be heard ripping from within. A band with vocals you wont be able to get out of your head.

Claim The Throne 2
The final band of the night was Claim The Throne, who had flown in all the way from Australia to perform in NYC. Members Brendon Capriotti, Jim Parker, Jesse Millea, Ashley Large, and Glenn Dyson come together to combines elements of Folk Metal along with Melodic Death. The band very similarly to Yonder Realm features female keyboard player/backing vocalist Ashley Large (girlpower!). Brooklyn was very lucky to witness the folky metal sound that Aussies Claim The Throne brought, and we’ll for sure be on the lookout for their return!

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