Thrash Metal Icons Deceased, Exhorder and VIO-LENCE Play Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Monarch (events calendar here) brought together thrash metal icons Deceased, Exhorder, and VIO-LENCE for an exciting Saturday night (4/6). Mortal Wound offered support as well.

We got there in time for Deceased and they have easily been one of the most fun bands we have covered in a long time. The band formed in Arlington, Virginia and in 1990, became the first band to sign to Relapse Records. Lead singer King Fowley kept referring to their very long tenure, which has been going since 1984. Real thrash fans showed up early for these icons, showing their love and gratitude for such a long career. While the band showed up for the show by playing every note, its lead singer King Fowley who carries the band with his sense of humor and interactions with the crowd. You can see this through his facial expressions below.

Next up was Exhorder, who is one of the most iconic and underappreciated bands in thrash metal. The godfathers of groove metal, the band came on to a fuller room, and it showed as fans pushed through to the front and stage dived. The band from New Orleans, Louisiana is credited with developing the groove metal genre and paving the way for bands like Pantera to succeed. Lead singer Kyle Thomas also mentioned their long trajectory and promised the fans both old songs and new songs alike. The band delivered on their promise and played a variety of songs for their fans.

VIO-LENCE finally took the stage at Brooklyn Monarch, which was now packed and ready for the headliners. The  band encouraged fans to get up on stage and the crowd got suitably more violent. The band, which like its companions, has been going strong since 1985, now only has one remaining original member, lead singer Sean Killian. Like Deceased and Exhorder, VIO-LENCE too has a long career and trajectory within metal, one that should also be more respected and admired. Perhaps the best part of the night was seeing a packed venue for very worthy bands who all deserve more recognition than they’ve received.

Mayra Ramales
Mayra Ramales
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